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NAVMAR Group Companies’ Vision is to be the leading provider of any crew related, real estate and corporate services which clients may require focusing on continuous improvement, progressive attitude, excellence and commitment in offering the best solutions.

NAVMAR Group Companies’ Mission is to enhance a balance between efficiency and professionalism by establishing long-term and solid partnerships. Focusing on the clients’ needs and always solving their problems in a timely manner, offering confidentiality, legal and regulatory solutions, sustaining efforts to prevent non-conformities – all these are our assets.

“Best solutions can be offered only by the best people.”

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    Marius Bărbulescu


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    Adriana Munteanu

    Chief Operations Officer

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    Anca Burlacu



“Best solutions can be offered only by the best people.”

We are a group of young, resourceful and vigorous people providing our clients with quick, precise and efficient services in compliance with the international requirements.

Co-operation between management and staff offers consistency to our knowledgeable and qualified team with professional background in the domain and in the industry.

It is our great pleasure to cooperate with you in order to achieve our mutual goals.


“Success means consistency of quality.”

The notion of quality in NAVMAR Group Companies focuses on the savings and additional revenue that our organization can realize by eliminating errors throughout its operations and producing services at the optimal level of quality desired by customers.

NAVMAR Group Quality embodies our philosophy of how we conduct ourselves as a business.

Business success may simply be the extent to which the Company can produce a higher-quality service than your competitors are able to do at a competitive price. When quality is the key to a company’s success, quality management systems allow the organization to keep up with and meet current quality levels, meet the consumer’s requirement for quality, retain employees through competitive compensation programs, and keep up with the latest technology.

Licensed by DNVGL and certified in compliance with ISO 9001:2015, MLC 2006, and also by the Romanian Naval Authority to carry out crewing services for international clients, NAVMAR Shipping & Services crewing department can design, implement, maintain and develop a quality management system meeting specific legal requirements and provide leadership services in the maritime community through the quality of our services.

As an individual member of both USER – Freight Forwarders Association of Romania and FIATA – International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations, Navmar Shipping & Services ensures to operate as a responsible and trustworthy freight forwarder and is able to produce formal specific documents.

We are, therefore, committed to constantly monitor and upgrade our quality management objectives and systems to always help our clients achieve their business targets.



This is our manner of showing appreciation regarding both our clients and our crew members efforts and work, our way of repaying collaboration with the deserved amount of respect, our way of thanking everyone involved for their professionalism.


The goal of NAVMAR Group operational effectiveness, as a strategy, is making the company best option to do business with among other market choices, by offering variety of services, cost-efficiency and high quality while lowering the time it takes to get the service.

Our competitive advantages are: global reach with local presence and customized solutions, high technology logistic systems, proven leadership, long-term commitment to the industry, systematic approach to recruitment, ability to meet new demand rapidly, jobs performed by professional office staff taking responsibility and heading to achieving the objectives working in a proper environment, broad range of related expertise and services.

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