HR Management

Small and mid-sized businesses face a challenging environment, dealing with laws regarding healthcare, wages, sick leave and other regulations, plus the paperwork and administrative burden with implementing these rules.

NAVMAR undertakes a number of HR Management activities focusing on people, as a strategic resource that creates lasting value for the organization. We assure that local employment law is interpreted and applied correctly and in the best interest of our clients at all times, putting their businesses out of risk for penalties, fines and potential lawsuits.

The HR Management services we provide are the following: recruitment and selection: publishing vacancy announcements in web-based and print media, screening and interviewing applicants and negotiating contract terms on behalf of and in close collaboration with partners; personnel management (employment agreements; collection, processing and extensive tracking of employee data; set up, maintenance and update of employee files according to labor legislation and internal regulations) operational procedures.

Other services include: training and development; job descriptions, personnel evaluation; disciplinary and grievance investigation or hearing, organizational structures and classification of positions; management of activities related to meal vouchers; compensation & benefits systems, accident prevention, risk and safety programs, retirement files; time-sheets, notifications about changes in the legislation, payroll etc.