Crew Management

NAVMAR Crew Management services for ship owners focus on quality and experience as well as finding the right fit for every vessel and candidate.

Through our extensive worldwide network of Crew Resource Agencies, NAVMAR can meet the most demanding requirements from clients with different nationalities.
We, therefore, can offer our crew management services for:

  • Worldwide sourcing training and retaining of quality personnel
  • Dedicated pools of officers and ratings for every owner/vessel
  • Senior officers’ assignment always with owners’ prior approval
  • Senior officers meetings for briefing and upgrading to new requirements and owners systems
  • Sea staff continuity ensured through careful crew relief planning
  • Extremely high repeater rates for officers and ratings
  • Different nationalities offered through our associated agencies in Philippines, all ex Soviet states and other countries.

The concept to provide crewing on fixed Lumpsum fee has been developed through our owner clients demands to have fixed costs for the crew and related expenses. Once crewing forms the highest percentage of the cost of operation of a vessel it provides the owner a very easy tool for calculation and control over the total costs of operation of their vessels.
This amount includes all costs relating to crew:

  • Crew wages and leave
  • Overlapping wages
  • P and I insurance cover
  • Medical and accident expenses
  • All travel expenses to and from the vessel
  • Crew and officers certification and licenses
  • Crew agency fees
  • Visas
  • Vessel’s Cash insurance cover
  • Bank charges on all remittances to crew
  • Victualing