Supply of Riding Repair & Maintenance Squads

NAVMAR SHIPPING & SERVICES is committed to supplying high skilled workers on request for different range of challenges any ship owner or ship manager may have out at sea or ashore.
Our trained and skilled squads can conduct ship repairs for on-board vessels and provide maintenance projects to different shipyards worldwide:

  • Overhauling of all types of marine engines, diesel generators, hydraulic systems, boilers, condensers.
  • Renewal and repair of on-deck and engine room pipes/lines &ballast and cargo pumps.
  • Ensuring fine tuning of on-board instrumentation systems and automation.

Our efficient riding crew has a consistent track record of success in offering competent extensive services of repairing and maintenance carried out at sea or ashore with absolute regard for safety and high quality. Over 10,000 personnel database covering offshore, seagoing crew, riding teams and shipyard trades is being updated and increasing on a daily basis to assist in deploying large number of Romanians for Offshore support vessels, Tankers (Crude Oil, Product and Chemicals), LPG (Pressurized, Semi Refrigerated, Fully Refrigerated, Ethylene), Container, Bulk Carriers, Ro-Ro vessels.